Real Talk About Equity in Education

Open Conversations That Help You Take Your Culturally Sustaining Practices To the Next Level


Does this sound like you?

You recognize issues of bias and social injustice happening within your school. Maybe you notice racial discrepancies in school discipline, under-representation of students of color in advanced courses, or low expectations for Emerging Multilingual Learners and students with disabilities. 

Tough decisions need to be made. You want to help because you understand that your students deserve better. But saying something jeopardizes your relationship with your colleague. It may even affect your job.

Or how about this one…

  • You are actively working towards developing your equity lens. 
  • You attend professional workshops, read books, and are a current subscriber to the Leading Equity Podcast. 
  • You want to learn more and enjoy engaging in conversations about equity.

Yet, you often feel alone in this work and wish your colleagues, your supervisor, and school board members had the same passion towards equity as you do. So now you're wondering, how do I get others on board?

I'm learning how to do this work, but the ones who need it most are not here.

There's nothing easy about these types of situations. They can dominate your thoughts and overwhelm you in ways you can't even imagine. 

Furthermore, trying to get people to change and recognize how they have been contributing to inequities in education, well, let's say that you got your work cut out for you. 

But you don't have to go through these difficult situations alone.

I've been there. I remember listening to a group of teachers complaining about how the school administrator was handling discipline issues. The teachers were upset that students were sent back to class after the teacher kicked them out for behavior. 

They wanted students who were removed from class to remain in the office for the rest of the class period. 

The whole time I was listening to the conversation, I kept thinking, "why don't you focus on how to support students in your class instead of trying to figure out how to keep students out of your room?"

I didn't have the words to say. I was nervous as a new teacher at the school, and ultimately, I failed to deliver a message that resonated with the group. 

Instead, the teachers shrugged me off and continued their complaints about the school administration. That was one of the multiple moments I struggled to advocate for students. 

Sometimes a failed advocacy attempt boils down to not having the strategies and confidence to tactfully approach a situation.

What if you could connect with other educators who have been through similar situations? 

Could you benefit from joining a group of like-minded educators and advocates for equity who understand the difficult decisions that need to be made so that all students are treated the way that they deserve to be treated?

A pivotal moment in my career as a school principal was when I joined a group for Black men at the University of Oregon. 

It was in this group that I began to learn about the power of connecting with like-minded people who had experienced similar situations that I had been dealing with in my personal and professional life. 

We bonded over time and helped each other out through difficult challenges that we were facing as Black men living in Oregon. We pumped each other up, celebrated our wins, and I found myself gaining confidence in advocating at my school for students, and developing my equity lens.

Being a member of the Black male community group was therapy for me, and I looked forward to each meeting.

The Leading Equity Coalition can make a difference in your career.

Our community is like no other!

The Leading Equity Coalition is a community of educators who want to become better social justice advocates for their students. Members of this community will have access to courses, virtual summits, and engagement with like-minded educators who are actively pursuing equity at their schools. 

In this community, we will learn from each other, and engage in weekly discussions, live Q/A's, and webinars. 

You can equip yourself to become a better advocate for all of your students. As a founding member of the Leading Equity Coalition, you’ll gain access to all the equity resources you’ll ever need for your classroom.

Let’s talk about what you get when you sign up for the Leading Equity Coalition

The Coalition is a subscription-based platform filled with the resources you’ll need to foster equity at your school.

Advocacy work is not easy and it is often isolating. We are here for you so that you do not have to feel alone. 

When you sign up for our monthly program, you’ll receive:

  • Lifetime access to ALL Leading Equity Center virtual summits and courses (including the Creating A New Normal Summit on July 10-11)
  • Monthly live sessions with Dr. Sheldon L. Eakins, Founder of the Leading Equity Center and Host of the Leading Equity Podcast
  • A community with access to other group members, and an opportunity to share common challenges and solutions
  • Exclusive, subscriber-only podcast video interviews and weekly discussion prompts

Accept a Gift From Us When You Signup…

At the Leading Equity Center, we’re dedicated to helping teachers and educational professionals gain the expertise they need to bring equity into their schools. With that in mind, we have a special gift for you when you become a Founding Member of the Leading Equity Coalition.

Picture This...

Imagine a classroom in which students can freely discuss social justice issues that affect them and their communities. I want to help you place the focus back on student learning through a culturally diverse lens.

If you have a desire to become a more culturally aware teacher but not sure where to start, this online program is for you!

When you sign up you’ll gain full access to our signature online program Teaching Through a Culturally Diverse Lens, a $119 value – all for free. That’s our way of saying ‘thank you.’ The course will be available on August 9th. 

This course is designed to help you recognize your biases and how to overcome them by viewing education from your student’s perspective. It fosters cultural awareness in curriculum creation, and it teaches you strategies to advocate and address issues of equity and social justice within and outside the classroom.

What Others are Saying About the Leading Equity Center:

You’ve been reading about the many benefits of my new Coalition program. And I wouldn’t be telling you all this if I didn’t believe in it. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Here is what people are saying about the Leading Equity Center:

“Dr. Eakins has leveraged this platform to promote deep reflection on relevant issues that are impacting so many people. He is bringing equity to the forefront of our collective consciousness through his conversations with various leaders and social justice warriors.”

- Vicki

“I gained a new set of strategies for supporting diverse learners but even more I had an opportunity to examine my own learning needs in the area of Leading for Equity. Thank you! ”

- Beth

“I can honestly say I’m better at recognizing my biases, and I’m completely empowered to continue doing the work that is crucial to both my development as a teacher and the development of an equitable space for all my students. ”

- Deanna

Frequently Asked Questions

What content is available when I join the Coalition?

The Coalition includes the Leading Equity Virtual Summit 2020, Bringin Hip Hop Into Our Schools Summit, and the Teaching Through A Culturally Diverse Lens. Being a member of the Coalition will include full access to all future events and courses provided by the Leading Equity Center.

What are the benefits of joining the Coalition?

Joining the Coalition connects you with other educators who are actively working to become better advocates for their students. No matter where you are in your journey towards equity, you will have the support and resources that you need to gain your confidence and understanding of how to support your student's needs.

Is this a private Facebook Group?

No, this community uses the Mighty Networks platform. You can access the community with your device or desktop. Plus you won't have to worry about ads interrupting your experience. 

How often do you host events?

The Leading Equity Center hosts 3-4 virtual summits each year. We will also do at least two monthly online meetups which may include live Q/A's, webinars, and podcast/book club conversations.

How much is the Coalition?

The Leading Equity Coalition is a monthly subscription of $19.99. As a Founding Member, you will lock in this rate for the lifetime of your membership. We are offering this rate to anyone that signs up during the Founding Membership launch. It is an exclusive offer that will only be advertised to current Leading Equity Center email subscribers. After the Founding Membership launch, the price for the monthly subscription will be $29.99.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Please note that you will lose the $19.99 a month rate if you return to the membership after cancellation. 

“Dr. Eakins shared ways to appreciate, celebrate, and encourage our students’ strengths and create learning environments where students’ cultures and languages are seen, valued, and respected. His course helped me gain so many strategies and resources for becoming an equity advocate and his contagious personality was an added bonus. If you care about your students who identify with groups that are marginalized or disadvantaged, this course is for you.”
- Laurie

"This course will cause you to "feel" in a variety of ways...You will learn how to discover your own biases, how to tame them, and how to respond to inequitable situations. The course is user friendly and adaptable to the learners who take it."


"Any educator who works in a culturally diverse school -- or wants to prepare students for a culturally diverse world -- can gain SO MUCH from this course. In "Teaching Through a Culturally Diverse Lens," educators take a critical eye to their own assumptions. They get actionable advice on improving their practice. Plus, Dr. Sheldon Eakins creates safe spaces for brave conversations about race, equity, and diversity. If you're ready to be changed and make a change, this course is for you.

- Matt

"The group conversations have been a highlight of the course.  When a group expresses disappointment that the course is over - you know exactly how good the experience has been. 

- Popsy

Access is yours when you sign up for the Leading Equity Coalition, but you have to act fast…

Will You Join the Equity Movement?

Hopefully, by now you understand the importance of equity inside a continuously evolving school. It’s an essential ingredient in allowing all students to thrive. In order to accomplish this, educators need to be willing to take the first step toward self-awareness. That step is an essential part of being able to help others.

If you’re looking to create a learning environment where everybody benefits, you as the educational professional must take the first step. You must remain committed to positive change.

Are you with us? Sign up for the Leading Equity Coalition today! 

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